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Intranet2Go is a solution that enables knowledge sharing within an organization. Intranet2Go helps organize and make searchable vast amounts of information locked within your business.
3 Reasons to use Intranet2Go
Enterprise Document Sharing Collaborate Using Familiar Tools Improve Organizational Communication
Re-use Proposals, Sales Documents, Templates, Case Studies, Presentations and virtually any kind of digital asset that can be re-used by employees. Re-using digital assets saves time.
Collaboration is easy when your employees have to learn nothing no new technology.

Forums, Blogs, and using a browser is all familiar stuff. Intranet2Go takes familar internet applications and brings them within your company.

Company policies, notice boards, business directions, tutorials, coaching tips, request for comments and opinions and practically any activity that requires multiple people to comment and provide input becomes easy.

Preserve your organizational intellectual capital by utilizing an intranet.